Saturday, September 27, 2014

Another Sweater for Grand Daughter

When my grand daughter was born, I knitted her a pink  infant sweater.  Well, she obviously out grown that a long time ago.  

I came across a Top Down Vintage Baby Sweater and I really liked the cables.  The largest size is 18-mons,. but I doing an experimentI'm using a heavier yarn and size 8 needles instead of the size 3 that the pattern calls for and hopefully it will be big enough for a 2 1/2 or a 3 yr. old toddler.  We'll see.  I'll adjust the length of the back and the arm length accordingly.

Autumn Toilet Paper Cover

I happen to have a very small bathroom and my towel closet is out in the hall.  There really isn't any room to store spare bathroom tissue.

I know it's old fashioned, but I like bathroom tissue covers and I wanted something Autumn themed.  I have an Autumn shower was given to me.  So, why not go along with it.

The yarn was from my stash.  I'm not even sure of the yarn brand or the colors, but I used a little bit of dark orange and a little bit of green,  Size 7 needles and the Magic Loop Method.  A couple hours of fun knitting.  Hey....I needed a project to keep my hands busy, but I didn't want something that was too mind boggling.  It's an easy knit.

The pattern by hakucho:  Ball Band Toilet Paper Cover Pattern

Knit Cap With Alpaca Yarn