Monday, December 31, 2012

The Slouchy Hat Made for Daughter

Well, this will be my last post ....for this year anyway.

I had made 2 Slouchy Hats for my Daughter (by love), and they were given to her for Christmas.   She was delighted with both of them.  She had even mentioned on Facebook how much she loved them.  I requested a photo, so here she is sporting the light gray hat.  Her beloved puppy is in the photo, too.  He's such a photo hog and a delightful nut.

 If anyone is interested, there are several FREE Bible reading plans, to assist you reading the Bible Through the Year.  

YouVersion has several great ones available for both the computer and/or your mobile device.

Happy New Year's Eve.  More knitting in the coming year!

Knit Cap With Alpaca Yarn