Monday, April 19, 2010

New Socks-Two At A Time

After I finished the baby sweater set, I CO for another toe-up sock. I had gotten some new sock yarn a weeks ago and I was getting anxious to use it.

I decided on the "Serpentine" socks from Socks from the Toe Up by Wendy D. Johnson. I really love her patterns and she has a lot of free ones at her Wendy Knits blog. As I CO for this sock, I had a brain storm, although it's not an original idea, I decided to try knitting sock 2 at a time. However, I don't have the patience for dealing with 2 balls of yarn on one needle at a time, so I decided to try 2 separate sets of 2-Cirs.

So, this is what I've been doing:

I'm using 2 circular needles knitting both socks on their own needles simultaneously. I have 2 pr. of Addi Turbo's (size 2) and 2 pr. of Inox (size 2) needles. I used 1 Addi Turbo and 1 Inox for each sock. One has a light blue cable and the other has a black cable.

This method of knitting both socks on their own needles simultaneously is working very well for me. Colin "Knitman" has been doing this for a while, so I'd like to give him the credit for this inspiration.

This is what I have found that works well for me. First, I CO and did the increases for the toe on one set of Cirs, then, I did the same for the second for the other set of Cirs. Next, I knitted 1 sequence of 16 rows of the pattern, then, I picked up the the other set of Cirs and knit 16 rows on them. I found that using a row counter pinned on the toe works wonderfully for helping me keep track of where I'm at in the pattern.

So far so good. You knows, maybe I've figured out how to avoid the second sock syndrome?

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