Monday, October 01, 2007

Nothing New on the Knitting Front

There’s nothing too new to report on my knitting projects. I’m still plugging away on the basic white cardigan for myself. I’m still working on the back, which seems to be taking forever to get the 10-inches needed for the armhole to the shoulder. I have seemed to have lost my momentum, which is not a good thing. I attended yet another wedding this past weekend and I really could have used this white sweater if it had been completed. I sure hope that the 2 front pieces & the sleeves work up a lot faster!

I’ve started on another pair of socks, but these are for a relative that was admiring some other socks that I had been working on. I’ve decided to put these socks on the back burner for a while, because I’ve decided that I really like working on socks using the Magic Loop method, so I’m anxiously waiting for my order of 32” cirs from Knit Picks to arrive on the mail! I also ordered someOptions Harmony Wood Interchangeable Needle Tips, but these are on back order & won’t be available until sometime this month. ( I can’t wait! I already have the Knit Picks Options, (the nickel-plated set) and I love them! I’m anxious to work with the Harmony Wood Needles and see what they are like. I couldn’t justify getting the whole set, I just got some tips in US 6, 7, & 8….just to try! I’ll let you know all about them when they arrive.

Knit Cap With Alpaca Yarn