Thursday, July 05, 2018

Hopscotch Cardi x 3!

Variegated sweater on Left, Size 10, Gray sweater in Middle, size 8, Brown and Gray sweater size 2.)
I finally found a seamless sweater pattern that I just love!

I love this seamless sweater pattern!  I've knitted it 3 times, in 3 different sizes.  The first one was the all gray one, (charcoal) & I worked pattern as written, made a size 8 for my 4 1/2 YO grandson, who wears a size 6 right now, so he has growing room.

The brown and gray cardi is a Size 2, was made for for my 12-mon. grandson, who wears 12-18-mons. clothes.

And, the variegated sweater, (in Bohemian), is a size 10, I made for my 6 YO granddaughter who wears a Girl's size 7.  I went down 1 need size (size 8 needle, because the yarn felt too drapey on size 9's).  Her sweater is just slightly big on her now.  The other sweaters have lots of growing room.

Also, I made several modifications on the sweater for my granddaughter. Instead of picking up sts. for the the neck and button bands; I CO an additional 8 sts. (4sts each side for the button bands) and after doing the CO sts., I knitted 5 rows of garter st. for the neck before proceeding to do the increases. 

Other modifications: For the increase rows, I did all increases of 8 sts. instead of "inc. 8 sts., then inc. 10 sts." as written in the pattern.

I did Garter St instead of Seed St. for the trim.

Each sweater took me approx. 7-10 days to knit.

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