Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Kiwi Baby Sweater and Hat

We have a new grand baby due in early July.  My daughter decided that she wanted this baby's gender to be a surprise, so I decided to knit a baby sweater in the green family.
Unblocked.  True color.

Casio camera: daylight.

(Looks Mint color, but it's Kiwi.)

Color:  Kiwi

Cardi and Hat (Photo taken with Samsung tablet) Color is true.)

I found the pattern and the yarn  at Mary Maxim.

Baby Raglan Cardi & Hat
 The pattern directions were written for the sweater to be knitted flat, the back, the 2 fronts and 2 sleeves, then sewn together.  I really dislike sewing things together, so I knitted both the sweater and the hat in the round and I like the way it tuned out.

The sweater consisted of stockinette and seed stitch which I think is perfect for a baby boy or girl.  I knitted in the 18-mon. size, because my daughter already has newborn and smaller sweaters .  The bigger size will allow for some growing room.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Lilac Sweater for Granddaughter

I finally finished this lilac sweater for my 5 YO granddaughter!  I saw a baby sweater done in this yarn and I had to have some.

This sweater was a learning experience for me.  I've made a lot of baby sweaters from the top down & practically seamless, but was the first sweater in a very long time that I knitted in pieces then had to sew together.  (I hate to sew.  I really do.)

I knitted the back first, then the right front & the left front, then the sleeves.  Well, actually before I started on the sleeves, I had to sew the fronts to the back.   Uh oh!  They didn't match.  The were different lengths!  (I hate when that happens, don't you?)  So, back to the drawing board.  It's Ok, it was a quick knit.  Bulky yarn & size 10.5 needles.

Since I had a couple of skeins to play with, I knitted both fronts simultaneously, reversing the decreases for the sleeves.  I did the same for the sleeves, I knitted them simultaneously, too.  I'm please at the way it turned out.

Sweater (unblocked)

Sweater (blocked)

Back of sweater

the sleeves

close up

the yarn
 The yarn is an import from England. Hayfield Baby Blossom Chunky.  I bought the yarn & the pattern from Jimmy Beans Wool.  I really love this yarn & I look forward to making a baby sweater or a baby blanket with it.   The yarn does all the designing.  

the yarn


It was so much fun to see the flowers show up in the sweater.


Hayfield Baby Blossom Chunky Yarn - 352 Little Lavender

Size 10.5 straight metal needles, because I knit stockinette faster on straight needles instead of cirs.

Buttons:  from Wal-Mart

Size:  Girls 6/7 (Granddaughter just started wearing size 6.)

Approx. 1 month to knit, and a couple of nights seaming & weaving in all the ends & sewing on 6 buttons.

Big Triple Waves Afghan