Monday, November 06, 2017

Camo & Pumpkin Hats

A while back, I made several baby caps.  Just a basic pattern.

Size 8 needles, CO 66 sts. 3x3 ribbing for 6", the start decreases for crown.

 Do you see the camouflage cap in the upper-right?  Well, my daughter took it for her 3 1/2-mon. old son.  Then, her 3 1/2 YO son wanted a cap just like it.

So, I used size 7 needles (magic loop method) and I CO 72 sts.  I did 4" of 2x2 ribbing for cuff, then I knit 7" in stockinette, before starting decreases for the crown.
Watchcap for Toddler (4-6 YO)
I knitted a Pumpkin Hat....just for fun.  This pattern was my inspiration: , but I tweaked it to make it a little bigger and to make it fit better.

I used size 8 interchangeable for magic loop method and I CO 72 sts.  (Multi of 9 for pattern.) (Pattern K8, P1 for pumpkin effect.) I also did a 4" 2x2 ribbing for a cuff, which provides lots of growing room.  I did the "pumpkin pattern" for 7", then worked decreases for the crown.  I used Red Heart Soft yarn in Tangerine.  I made the stem by knitting an i-Cord in brown.

I used this pattern for the leaf:  But, I knitted the leaf in garter stitch, the center stitch was purled.  The garter st. prevented the leaf from curling on the edges.

Better view of the ribbing & the leaf.

I can't wait to see this on a little pumpkin head.


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That pumpkin hat is adorable.

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