Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Not So Sweet Yarn

Last week I posted about all the yarn that I bought online.  I was real excited to try those newest yarn cakes...the big ones that's supposed to make it easier and simpler to knit an afghan or something without all the hassle of cutting off yarn and dealing with weaving in all those ends.

Yesterday , I CO for a baby blanket, well, right within the first few yards of the new skein....the yarn that I was using to cast on....a factory knot.  OK.  Snip.  Start over casting on.  Knit 1 row.  Middle of second row, another factory knot.  😞 

All in all, I found a total of 6 factory knots in 1 skein.  I realize that sometimes this in unavoidable, but.....6???

I unwound the entire skein and snipped out the portions that had the knots and re-wound into a skein that is functional....I hope. 

This is what I was dealing with: 

Now, I'm really torn, do I proceed with the other skeins?  Or do I ship the remaining unused yarn for a refund or a credit?

I contacted Mary Maxim via email and they replied promptly and offered to replace the defective yarn if I so chose.


Two Cables and a Frapp said...

The yarn certainly is pretty and I'm wondering if you tried one more skein to see if you get the same results. I always knit through it but I too hate a bunch of knots in my yarn. Also is Mary Maxim going to pay the shipping ? In any case the yarn is very pretty.

Deb said...

I told Mary Maxim that I'd try another skein & let them know about the yarn. I'm almost through the defective skein. Yes, MM is going to send a replacement skein free of charge.

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