Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Owl Hat & Mitts

A few weeks ago, my husband's aunt had sent me a link on Facebook for a crocheted Owl hat.  She asked if I could make it for her young daughter?  Then, she said that her daughter would absolutely love it if I did.

Well, I explained to her that the hat was a crochet pattern & not a knitting pattern and I didn't crochet, at least, not on purpose.  But, I was inspired to go to Ravelry in search of a knitted Owl Hat pattern.  I found Owl Hat by Julie Grimmett  and I liked the hat so much that I wanted to make some finger-less Owl Mitts to go with it.  I found Who's owl mitts by Mareike Neumann.  This was such a fun knit.  I like knitting cables. 

I used Red Hearts Soft Yarn in Charcoal & size 8 needles & I knitted both the hat & the mitts by Magic Loop.

I want to point out that the buttons were re-purposed.  A very close friend mine gave me a huge tin of buttons that her Mother had collected throughout the years. I was very honored to have these buttons. 


glorm said...

What a great set. Love it.

Joansie said...

Nice job..........love it.