Friday, February 20, 2015

Two Colored Baby Hat

Here's a basic pattern for a 2-colored baby hat. (Fits Newborn to 6-mons.)

Materials:  Size 7 or Size 8 Needles.  DPNs or 40-in Cir for Magic Loop.

Med. weight yarn.  

I like Caron "Simply Soft" or Loops & Threads "Soft & Shiny" for baby items.    I had a small ball of hot pink (Watermelon) yarn about baseball size and I used just a wee bit of the contrasting color.

Yarn Needle

Size 7 Needles. Magic Loop Method.

Yarn: Starry Night (Loops & Threads)

Watermelon (Caron Simply Soft)
CO 66 sts. with Starry Night Yarn. Join to knit in the round.


Work in K3 P3 rib to complete 8 rounds. Cut yarn and join second color.

Work in K3 P3 rib 5-ins.

Dec. for Crown.

K1, k2tog, p3, repeat from to end.
K2, p1, p2tog, repeat from to end.
K2tog, p2, repeat from to end.
K1, p2tog, repeat from to end.
K1, k2tog, repeat until you have 10 st.

Cut yarn about 8-ins. and thread onto yarn needle. Pass needle through all live stitches, slipping them off knitting needles, draw tight,and weave in ends.

Feel free to use this pattern. Happy knitting.

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