Friday, February 20, 2015

Seed Stitch Baby Hat in Hot Pink

I wanted to make a matching baby for the Seed Stitch Baby Sweater that I had made.

So, I looked through Ravelry & the Internet for a free pattern and I found several items, but I also discovered a lot of cattiness regarding pattern copyrights. can sometime claim a copyright on a Seed Stitch, ie; K1, P1?  I really couldn't stand all the bickering, so I created my own hat pattern.

Using medium weight yarn and size 7 Needles.  (16-in Cir., or 40-in Cir. for Magic Loop (divide sts 33+33 or 32+34, this way you begin on a knit rather than a purl.), or DPNs 22 sts. on each needle.)

CO 66 sts. 

Worked Seed St. for 7 Rnds., then knitted in the round for 6-ins. (Stocknette St.)

For the Crown.

K1, k2tog, k3, repeat from to end.
K2, k1, k2tog, repeat from to end.
K2tog, k2, repeat from to end.
K1, k2tog, repeat from to end.
K1, k2tog, repeat until you have 10 st.

Cut yarn about 8-ins. and thread onto yarn needle. Pass needle through all live stitches, slipping them off knitting needles, draw tight,and weave in ends.

Feel free to use this pattern.

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glorm said...

Oh, love this outfit, and in one of my favorite colors.

I made my first hat at Christmas. Well, it was crocheted but I had fun doing it and the little girl showed everyone. She just loved it. You were sort of the inspiration for me.

My Fair Isle Hat (Selbu Modern)