Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Pretty New Hat Pattern & New Needles!

I came across this free pattern and I wanted to cast on immediately, so I went in search of the right yarn for it.

 Selbu Modern

And, since I didn't have 16-in. Cirs in sizes 1 &2;  I just had to go shopping.  My husband and my daughter took me to a lovely yarn store called Natural Stitches.  I've never been there before and I was so eager to check it out.  I wasn't disappointed.  This store has every kind of yarn and knitting needle out there.  I felt like I died and went to heaven.  Yes, my version of heaven has an endless supply of yarn and knitting needles and an endless variety, too.

I went to Natural Stitches and I picked up an Addi Sock Rocket Circular Needle .

I've been using Addi Turbos for years and I love them.  The needles are so smooth and just the right amount of sharpness on the tips and the cables never kink.  I saw an ad in a magazine for the Addi Rockets, I couldn't wait to try them.

I also picked up a ChiaoGoo Cir.  I have no idea how to pronounce their name, but I've always wanted to try them.  I love these needles, too!  They're just as slick and smooth and sharp as the Addi's.

And, for good measure, I picked up a size 8 Cir  Knitter's Pride Karbonz Knitting Needle.

I haven't had a chance to try these out yet.

The sales associate at Natural Stitches was very helpful at helping me find a very nice yarn for this hat, one that didn't break my wallet. 

Schachenmayr Baby Wool

This is so soft and so nice to work with.  I usually don't like to work with wool yarn, but this stuff just may turn me into a yarn snob.   LOL!

I haven't been this excited about knitting or yarn in a long time.

Big Triple Waves Afghan