Thursday, April 03, 2014

Bridal Shower Lace Kitchen Hanging Hand Towel and Matching Dishcloth

My neighbor's daughter is getting married soon and I wanted to give her something special as a bridal shower gift besides something that I ordered from her wedding registry.  This Bridal Shower Lace Kitchen Hanging Towel and matching Dishcloth is just the ticket!

Both of these patterns are available for free from Cathy of Wishing I was Knitting at the Lake.  Cathy has some fantastic patterns!  I found the dishcloth pattern by mistake.  I was actually looking at Cathy's baby sweater patterns when I came across the dishcloth which led me to the towel pattern.

                 Bridal Shower Lace Kitchen Hanging Hand Towel

 I used less than 2 skeins of Lily's Sugar & Cream cotton yarn and size 7 needles. Instead of CO 36 sts. for the dishcloth, I CO 40 sts, because I like a bigger dishcloth, so my border has 5 sts. on either side instead of 3.  I adjusted the pattern accordingly.

So, after you're done reading this post, zip on over to Cathy's Wish I Was Knitting at the Lake blog and check it out.  You won't be disappointed. There's really nice baby sweater and baby blanket patterns.


Tuesday, April 01, 2014

The Latest Rage: Ruffled Scarves

I've been seeing scarves at church.  They remind of the "Fun Scarves" than have been around for awhile.

IMAGE found on Google

But, the scarves I've been seeing the ladies wear at church are spiral or ruffled, and for some reason, I've been wanting to make one.  Last week, my oldest sister gave a very pretty white scarf to my other sister for her birthday, then I really had the urge to make one of these.

So, yesterday while out running errands, I popped into a Michaels Arts & Crafts and picked up some Red Heart Sashay Yarn and some size 7 Bamboo needles.  Not that I really needed anymore knitting needles mind you, but I didn't have any on me at the time and I really, really wanted to cast on for the scarf.  Yes...I did CO in the back seat of the car while riding home from doing my errands.  I'm hopeless.

Now, I must say that this yarn is certainly different from any other yarn I have ever used.  The skein is like ribbon, like a crocheted ribbon and you don't cast on in the traditional sense, but rather you stick your knitting needle in the holes or in between the "train tracks" of the yarn & place the stitches on the needle.  It sounds crazy and complicated, but it really isn't.  The videos help.

Learn how to knit with Sashay from Red Heart Yarns 

Now, I really liked this video a lot, because the instructor here shows you how to deal with knots in your yarn or how to join other colors to your scarf.

How To Knit Red Heart Boutique Sashay Scarves

I'm using Red Heart Boutique Sashay Sequins in the color "Panda".  Once my youngest daughter discovers the name of the color of this yarn, I may have to give it up to her.  She loves Pandas!

 It's about $6 per skein.  Premier Yarns also has a yarn called "Starbella Lace", and it's about $7 per skein.  I want to try the Starbella yarn for my next scarf.

The scarf that I'm knitting now is Size 7 needles and CO 6 sts and all garter stitch until the yarn is used up.

 This scarf is not fast knitting and you have to be very careful setting it down and picking it back up.  The stitches are very soft and slippery and fall right off the needle.  Dropped stitches are next to impossible to find and pick up.

When I do my next scarf I want to do a CO of 70 sts and knit 9 rows, then bind off as per the pattern of the Starbella Ruffled scarf pattern.  

Starbella Scarf Pattern

I know...I can't help myself...I'm not even done with this project and I'm already thinking about my next one.

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