Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Preemie Baby Sweater

Some friends from church were expecting a baby girl in Nov., however, she decided to make her arrival into the world 15- weeks premature.

Things have been touch and go with this precious little one, but if she continues to make improvements, she may be able to go home with her parents around Thanksgiving.

I wanted to make them a little sweater for her, so I decided to use the 5 Hour Baby Sweater Pattern (aka 'The Weekend Sweater'!) on smaller needles and DK yarn, but I think that it may be too small.  :-(  It doesn't even fit on a life-size newborn baby doll that my youngest daughter used to play with.

So, I haven't even bothered to sew any buttons on it.  I guess that I'm going to have to re-think about a sweater.  Maybe, I'll just knit a newborn size.


Joansie said...

Absolutely adorable! You might be surprised...it might fit. We tend to forget how tiny they are. Check out the web for size measurements and compare.

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

I love it. I've been meaning to make this little sweater for years. Was it a good fit ?

Deb said...

The baby is still in NICU, so I don't know, but I think as soon as she reaches 5 lbs. & doesn't have any other complications she might be able to go w/her parents around Thanksgiving. I working on a crib size blanket for her right now. It's from the Quick Knit Blankets. "Blue Diamonds,. Except, I'm using pink yarn. I choose this pattern, so she wouldn't get her tiny fingers or toes caught in it.

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