Wednesday, July 03, 2013

No Knitting Because of Shoulder Pain

Sorry that I haven't had much to post lately.  About mid-May, I began to experience severe shoulder pain.  I wasn't sure if it was bursitis, arthritis, or a pinched nerve or something wrong with my rotator cuff.

I had to wait about a month to see a specialist, but I glad that I did go to the doctor to see what was going on.  It turns out that I have Shoulder Impingement Syndrome or sometimes called, Rotator Cuff Tendinitis.  The doctor had x-rays taken and he said that the shoulder and the surrounding area looks healthy.  He doesn't think that I have a torn rotator cuff, but he thinks that do have inflammation involving the rotator cuff.  He thinks that it will resolve itself with some physical therapy.  Anything...just so that I can get back to knitting.

Just because I can't knit doesn't mean that I can't look at knitting patterns and other knitting related things.

I came across this baby sweater set today:  

Petit Chou (Free Baby Knitting Pattern)   and Knit Picks is having a sale on their knitting needles.

I think that I really like the Sunstruck Needles.  I just wish that they had a better photograph of these needles.

Have a Happy & Safe 4th of July everyone!


Sandy said...

Hope you feel better soon, glad it's not more serious. Got for you using this time as planning time. Who would think your shoulder would be irritated from knitting. Hands, fingers, but I know my shoulder's feel it too, now that I think about it.
Sandy's Space

Sandy said...

Me checking in again, hoping you're feeling better. I've not kept up so much with yop, but still blogging and having fun other ways, and partipating when I have an update project wise.

Sandy's Space

maybe you can blog without bothering your shoulder vs blogging about knitting

Sandy said...

Hope you're feeling better....looking through, posting of your memories is a perfect things for you to do since you're not able to knit. Feel better soon.

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