Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Double Dip-Birthday and Mother's Day

The month of May kicks off the beginning of a whirlwind of fun and events in our household...starting with my birthday which is on the 12th.  My dear Mom's birthday was on the 10th, so we had always celebrated our birthdays and Mother's Day together.

This year is no different, my Mom has passed, but I got to celebrate my birthday with all of my family and I also got to celebrate my daughter's very 1st Mother's Day with her and her 1-month old daughter.  Awesome!

But.. my family is a little on the wild and crazy side, too.  So, they gave me the traditional birthday cake.  I had requested chocolate with chocolate, but I guess the store was out, so as not to disappoint daughter and SIL came home with a single-serving of "turtle cake".  

You may be wondering about the #1 candle in it....well, that's one to grow on!  Very funny my family is.  OK....but it gets better.  It's time to light the candles and we're looking for a lighter or matches, well my daughter and her hubby quit smoking.  (Yay!) son says. "I got this!"

Look out whenever your son or some other family member says, "I got this!'

 Yep.....that's a blow torch. (I can hear in my mind...."You might be a red-neck if you light your birthday candles with a blow torch.")

Everything was so wonderful and we all had a great time.  My family gave me a new curling iron, an Sonicare electric toothbrush, and Carrie Underwood's new CD Blown Away and...........

iHome Speakers for my Nook.  Let me tell you....these things are fantastic!  I listen to Pandora Radio all the time on my Nook.

I also got a turtle pendant from my sister that was our Mom's.  It has a May birthstone in the center of it.

Then....we finished the weekend with Mother's Day.  More gifts...Estee Lauder perfume Beautiful and a Macy's gift Card and dinner out.

Oh yeah....more food.....

A blueberry pie and some books and some photo paper.

So, this is just the beginning.  Three more birthdays, an anniversary (31 years for Hubby & me), a wedding, and another birthday....all during the coming Summer.  Whew...I sure hope that I can squeeze in some knitting time.

Big Triple Waves Afghan