Friday, March 23, 2012

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Afghan Progress and Friday Freebies!

I've made some progress on the Peanut and Chocolate Afghan.  (Is there something wrong with me since I use food as a reference for almost everything...including yarn and knitting???  LOL!)

The trouble with working on a big project like an's hard to show the progress since it's slow going.


Who doesn't like Freebies??? Maybe you know about these, maybe you don't, so I thought I wouldn't keep them to myself anymore.

Daily Patterns

Free Knitting Pattern of the Day

Friday's Freebies

If you have a Nook, then you may may be interested in this.  Free books on Friday.  I can never find them just by using my Nook and I've had great difficulty finding Barnes and Noble's Friday Friday via their Blog.  The easiest way to to find the B&N Friday Freebie is by joining the Nook Group on Facebook.

Today's Free Fridays selection, Robin Spano’s DEAD POLITICIAN SOCIETY, is a light-hearted mystery featuring a no-nonsense mechanic-turned-cop who goes undercover on a college campus to unmask a dangerous student group.
Free Fridays - DEAD POLITICIAN SOCIETY by Robin Spano

Link to Facebook to Nook's Free Friday

Link to B&

And, I just found out that Knit Picks has a Friday Freebie, too.  It's not real easy to find either, so I bookmarked the page.  Maybe I'll be able to find it next Friday.

Have a Great Weekend!

Big Triple Waves Afghan