Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Day After Christmas (2012)

The day after Christmas and all through the the lovely aftermath of Christmas gifts opened and enjoyed!

We got to enjoy Christmas morning and Christmas breakfast casserole with all the kids and our granddaughter.

 GD got a handmade teddy bear from her Aunt for Christmas and she loved it!  She kept "talking" to it & saying, "Ooh!"  It was so  adorable to see & hear her reaction.

Got a Ninja Slow Cooker for Christmas.  It sears, it bakes, it roasts and slow cooks.  So, while the turkey breast roasted in the oven, I baked the ham in the Ninja cooker.  It did great, but it infuses the food with steam, so the ham was done about 30-45-mins sooner than what I anticipated, so it dried out a little.  I'm going to have to learn a whole new way of cooking.  I'm up for the challenge.

Hubby brought in the huge stocking the other day and hung it up!  It contained a London Fog all weather jacket.

A gift basket contained all sorts of wonderful goodies, including this neat  cookbook from a dear friend.

 I haven't posted for over a month, so here's some knitting content.

I knitted up several dishcloths that were given as a knit to a family member that admired them.  Unfortunately.....I was in a rush so I didn't get to photograph 2 of them, but I did get the a photo of the one called O Holy Night from One Crafty Mama's Blog

Sorry for the lousy photos.  White is so hard to photograph.

I knitted a couple of hats for my Favorite daughter-in-law!  My son told me that she had seen this hat on-line and wanted to know if I could knit her one?  Yes, I can and did.  The original pattern called for "double-knit" and no gauge was provided. I used Bernat's Chunky yarn and I thought that the hat might be too big, but I think that it measured correctly according to the pattern:  

I wasn't sure that the first hat was going to fit, so I went to Michael's to find a different yarn in worsted weight and all that I could find in gray was Red Heart Bamboo & Ewe yarn.  I never used it before, but it is a wonderful yarn.  It's a bamboo & wool blend.  It's really soft.  Hand wash in cool water & lay flat to dry.  I did not double my yarn, so I have to knit about 12 or 14 more rows to get the 7 1/2-ins. that I needed before starting the decreases for the crown.  This pattern was really easy, except, it called for knitting cables without a cable needles.  I love to knit cable, but I have never knitted then without a cable hook.  My DIL loves her hats!  (The hats were photographed on a Samsonite card table that was purchased with S&H Green stamps from days gone by.)
Finally, but not last; I finished the first of 5 panels for the Zig Zag Throw.

Happy knitting in the New Year!

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Joansie said...

Sounds like you had a great Christmas. I especially like the pattern to the brown hat.

Hopscotch Cardi x 3!