Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Baby Bibs

I saw this pattern the other day and I just knew that I had to CO.  I had discovered that my granddaughter really dislikes bibs, or maybe she just dislikes the process of having them tied or fastened on?

Easy Stay-On Bib.  I made one for my granddaughter in Peaches & Creme in Lavender Ombre.  I liked the idea of a ribbed neck-band instead of velcro or ties.

  The pattern is pretty quick and easy.  I can knit a bib in an evening while watching TV.

Then, I had an a moment of inspiration.  I wanted to make another bib for a baby boy that was just born a couple of weeks ago, but I wanted to knit a "picture bib."  So, I CO for the bib as per the directions and then I used the Sailboat pattern from Baby Washcloths to Knit.  But, in order for the picture to be in the correct position, and not upside down, I had to knit the rows in descending order.  I started with row 48, them 47, and so on.

 The pattern.

 Bib neckband.

 Close-up of Sailboat

I really like that my idea worked as well as I imagined that it would.  It made for fun and relaxing knitting.

I CO with size 7 Denise Circular needles, then when the neckband was finished and I was ready to work on the bib/picture part of the pattern, I switched to size 6 straight needles.  I use some blue cotton yarn from my stash and I used less than a 3 oz. skein of the yarn.

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sandy said...

Cleaver idea Deb, the ship. Turned out really cute. I'm not following your well, how are you attaching big if it doesn't tie?

Hopscotch Cardi x 3!