Friday, July 13, 2012

Peanut Butter & Chocolate Afghan Is Done

The Peanut Butter and Chocolate afghan is off of the needles!  It's done!  Just in time, too!  The bridal shower is this Sunday.  Whew!  I was almost worried that I wasn't going to get it done in time.

The pattern is from  The Little Box of Knitted Throws Cards by Martingale and Company, called the Mocha Ripple.  I found my Little Box of Knitted Throws at Half Price Books for $5!

  I used Immpecable  yarn from Michaels, and size
10 ½ needles.

Now, to knit a baby sweater.

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Joansie said...

Looks really nice, Deb. Love the label!

Hopscotch Cardi x 3!