Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Afghan Has Been Repaired!

A couple of days ago, as I was working on the Chocolate and Peanut Butter afghan that I'm making for my son and his fiancee, and

 I discovered a hole....I big hole near the beginning of the afghan!

There was a big 2-in. loop on the wrong side of the work.  It was more like a snag.  How does something like this happen you may ask?
Well, this is what my beagle likes to do while I'm knitting. 

He likes to "weave" himself between my feet, then rest his weary head on my foot.  Well, this is exactly what he did the other night, but the afghan was draped on the sofa and down to the floor.  The afghan had gotten caught on the S-hook that holds his license and rabies vaccine tags.  I thought things were OK and I just kept on knitting.

To say the least, I was heart-sick when I discovered the offending snag.  I have the best Hubby and daughter in the whole wide world.  They both immediately booted up their computers/laptops and started researching how to fix holes in knitted afghans.  Poor Hubby had no idea what he was reading, but he had kept at it.

I was too nervous and too upset to even look on the Internet.  I put the afghan down and fixed dinner.  After dinner, I grabbed my handy-dandy crochet hook and I prayed and I played with the big messed up loop of yarn in the back of the afghan.  So, I gently tugged and pulled and weaved the yarn through.  Cosmetically....things looked fine, except, for the part where I had this huge 2-in loop in the back.  So....I cut it. it's not the recommended method of repair, but these are desperate times.  My youngest daughter weaved in the ends for me.....her fingers are smaller than mine.

So this is before the big oops!

And....this the big oops......

And....this is After the improvised repairs........

The Right side.

The Wrong side.

Back to my knitting.  Oh, yeah...the dog and I are still on speaking terms.


Joansie said...

Great repair job!!!

Sandy said...

NICE! The repair that is. Have to say, I really don't miss having animals. Animals and yarn just really don't mix, too many things happen. Glad you were able to fix it, it's really coming along nicely. Love the name of it too. I've done similar repairs, often will attach another piece and with a darning needle thread things through.

Anna said...

Great job fixing it, I would have cried and never touched it again! Sounds like you have a great husband. =) My husband supports my hobbies as well- he loves picking out yarn with me.

Hopscotch Cardi x 3!