Friday, May 11, 2012

It's Friday! Some Freebies * Nook Color

I absolutely love my Nook Color e-Reader!  I think that I use it every day.  I have lots and lots of Daily Devotionals (free) that I read as well as several different Bibles that I read.  I also love mystery and romantic novels.  

John D. MacDonald, the Travis McGee Series are an old favorite and I'm getting reacquainted with these novels on my Nook.  I also like Danielle Steel and Janet Evanovich.  I recently discovered Nora Roberts novels.  A lot of these authors and their books can be found for free either as an .epub or as a free .PDF.  I just go to my browser (Firefox) and type in a "title.epub" (without the quotes) and I can usually find a free version of the book that I'm looking for.  I download the file to my Desktop, then I use the cable that came with my Nook Color and I drag & drop to the Nook.  This is referred to as side-loading.

Barnes and Noble also has a ton of free nook-books to choose from as well as books for .99 cents and up.  *You need to have a credit card saved to your B & N account in order to download free books.  You won't be charged, but this is a requirement.  I have a credit card saved to my B & N account, but I use a B & N Gift Card for purchases.  My son says for those you don't want to use their credit card for a B &N account, he recommends using a Visa Gift Card, so you can access nook books.

This works out very well for me.  Yes, I'm within walking distance of a public library, however, it has a ton of steps to it's entrance.  Not exactly handicapped friendly.  I have great difficulty ambulating on my own since having bunion surgery several years ago.  And, with books on my Nook, I don't have to worry about due dates and/or late fees.  Don't get me wrong, I love going to the library, but it's just not as convenient for me anymore.

I also use my Nook for my knitting patterns and e-mail and to check out Facebook and other things on the Internet.  I find free patterns on-line, then I save them as a Document or as a PDF, then I transfer them to my Nook.  It saves on paper and ink.

So, here are some Friday Freebies:

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Joansie said...

You are my "Knitting Buddy", my "Nook Buddy" and more. I think I'm the one who got you interested in the Nook initially. The resolution is great, the choices are wonderful, etc. I especially like it's size.

Sandy said...

We've looked at Kindles, but think it's crazy to pay more or the same for the e-version so are still buying books. At least hubby and DD have said they're Nook's price that much lower, or is this just a special?

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