Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Afghan Is Done!

I finally finished the Triple Wave Afghan for my married DD & her hubby!  I used 4 colors instead of 3, so I guess that it should be called the Quadruple Wave Afghan.  I started this Aug. 1st and I finished it Sept. 14th.  Not bad, since I also had a lot of other projects going on at the same time. 

I love this pattern. It's so quick and easy!  It's from The Little Box of Knitted Throws Cards by Martingale and Company

 Instead of using the bulky wool yarn & size 15 needles that the pattern called for, I use size 10 1/2 needles and worsted weight Thread & Loops Impeccable yarn from Michael's Arts & Crafts and I increased the # of sts. from 147 to 195.  That's what so great about the patterns in this set, if you wish to use different yarns & needle sizes, the patterns give the stitch information like the pattern is:  a multiple of 12 sts +3, etc.  (Ravelry)

I can't wait until they get it, but they're going have to wait until Christmas.

It's all wrapped!
Guess what this is going to be someday??? 

My Fair Isle Hat (Selbu Modern)