Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Lavender SweaterSweater Experiment

I've been away for awhile, but I've been busy knitting and I wanted to wait until I had a finished project to show.

I've been working on an afghan which is close to done, but I had received an invitation in the mail for a baby shower that's happening at the end of Sept.  I had thought of giving this sweater.

 But, after sewing it all together.....I hated it!  I hate to sew things together.  So, I still needed a gift, so I remembered about the Feather and Fan Sweater that I had made last year.  (I have other plans for this sweater set.)

I decided to make another sweater like this one, but I decided to switch it up a bit.  I really like this pattern, because there's very little seaming involved.  I didn't want to knit another Feather and Fan sweater and I had another idea in mind, but I wasn't too sure if it would work out the way that I wanted it to.
I'm very happy and pleased to say that my idea did work!

I followed the basic pattern of the Hatching Cardigan from Lion Brand's site.  This pattern is the same as the Feather And Fan Baby Sweater, also from Lion Brand's site.  Then, when the pattern said to start the Feather and Fan Stitch (a 12-stitch repeat); I substituted a Twist-Four Mock Cable that I found at the KnittingFool.com .

I used some Caron's Simply Soft yarn from my stash, not sure of the color lot, and US size 7 needles for the top portion (stockinette) of the sweater, and US size 8 needles for the Mock Cable part.  It should fit a baby girl between 6-12 months.

Now, back to the afghan.

Hopscotch Cardi x 3!