Saturday, June 25, 2011

Baby Blanket and Baby Jacket

 (Note to readers:  I did some experimenting with my Casio (7-mega pixel) camera and my dear daughter's Sony Cybershot (14-mega pixels) camera.  I'm trying to get photos that the colors aren't all washed out.)

I think that this is one of the fastest knitting projects that I have done in a long time.  In mid-April, I started my first ever Baby Surprise Jacket, aka BSJ, and I completed it in early May.  I really enjoyed knitting it, even though, I did find it to be a challenge at times.

Then, I was in the mood to knit a baby afghan.  Initially, I was going to make the afghan just two colors, white and baby pastel green, but then, I came across a different pattern and it had three colors, white, green and light blue.  So I CO with the white yarn and progressed to the green sequence and then I looked through my stash (more yarn then I'll ever use in my lifetime) for some suitable baby blue yarn.  Then, I had a light-bulb moment!  I had some of the baby blue yarn leftover from the BSJ!

taken with my P&S camera

(taken with  DD's camera)

So, I was knitting very contentedly and very pleased with all the ways that the colors were just meshing together.  By the way, the colors are almost the same as what was used in the pattern book.  (Please see previous post for details.)  I hardly ever use the same color schemes that's used in knitting books, but these colors were just right for my knitting mood.

(taken with my P&S camera)

(taken with DD's camera)

So, there I was just knitting away and then, I had another luminous moment!  This baby blanket would be a nice compliment to the baby blue BSJ, especially, since it had the same yarn in it!

(taken with DD's camera)
 So, there you have it, a baby afghan and a baby jacket ready to be gifted to a baby boy due in July.  I started the afghan on June 15h and I finished it June 25th.....10 days!  My Mom would be so proud!

My Fair Isle Hat (Selbu Modern)