Tuesday, May 03, 2011

My First Baby Surspise Jacket (BSJ)

I finally took the plunge and knitted my first, but not my last Baby Surprise Jacket, (BSJ). This is a pattern that has been around for years and seems to be as popular now as when the designer, Elizabeth Zimmermann come out with in the late 1960's.

This sweater is knitted all in one piece, except, for the sleeves, which is the only seaming there is.  The sweater is a complete and total mystery, a puzzle until it is bound off and folded together.


Becomes this....

Amazing!   A little creative folding and voila it's a baby jacket!
My first time effort didn't turn out quite as well as I had expected.  My finishing is a little uneven, but I'll keep trying different finishing methods until I get it right.  I really wanted to try the Applied I-cord like the one on this jacket by my friend at Knitting By The Ocean.  She has made the BJS a work of art, but, I just couldn't get the construction of this thing wrapped around my brain.  Maybe next time.

Another reason I had put off knitting the BSJ was because it's all garter stitch and I thought that I would become bored, but I didn't.  I think that because the pattern moves along pretty quickly and I used a really nice yarn and some really nice knitting needles that it was a lot of fun.

I borrowed the book, Knitting Workshop by Elizabeth Zimmermann for the pattern and it can also be purchased from Schoolhouse Press.

There's lots of help and charts from the group on Raverly. There's also tons of video out there, too.

The details:

Library Book:  Knitting Workshop by Elizabeth Zimmermann

Knit Picks Harmony Needles:  Size 6

Bernat Softee Baby in Denim.  (DK wt. or #3) 

The buttons took me almost as long to sew on as it did to knit this thing.

Happy Knits!