Sunday, February 06, 2011

Wee Steeler Hat

Our church had Super Bowl Sunday, which means a lot of people were sporting black & gold colors in one way or shape or form.

Now, I hardly know anything about football, but I still cheer for the home team.  I don't own anything gold or black & gold, & I didn't want to be left out either.  So, what's a gal to do?

I scoured the Internet for ideas & patterns.  Tada....I give you the Wee Steeler Hat.  

I proudly wore these today on my blouse to church & one on my coat.  I found & used this pattern at My so called [knitting] life!  It's called Wee Hats. Kym was excited to hear that I was going to use her pattern.  She used sock yarn & small needles for her hats, but I used leftover worsted weight yarn from my stash, so I adapted the pattern accordingly.

I used size 7 Harmony Needles from Knit Picks, & the magic loop for knitting the hats.

 I did 4 rounds of ribbing in the black, then 6 rounds of gold,, then I started the decreases for the crown.  I did the decreases like this: First round: k2, k2tog. etc.  Second rnd: Knit 1 round. Third rnd: k1, k2tog, etc.  Fourth rnd.: K2tog, (all sts.)  10 sts remaining.  Cut yarn & draw through sts.  It took me about an hour to make the first hat, the one on my coat & it took about 45-mins for the second hat, the one on my blouse.

Happy Knitting and Oh Yeah...........Go Steelers!


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