Saturday, January 15, 2011

Calorie Free Knitting

I just can't wrap my brain around this one.  Some knitters will knit food items.

This is the offering from Free Knitting Pattern of the Day 
(Please scroll down for pattern.)

If the link doesn't work, this will take you directly to the pattern.

I think that I've finally settled on a baby sweater pattern, I'll show pictures when I make some more progress and starts looking like something.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Just Collecting My Thoughts

Nothing new on the knitting front.  I haven't knitted at all this past week.  Tues.evening, Jan. 4th, I received a call from my husband that he had been in a car accident and was being taken to the hospital by ambulance.  I was so shaken up by this news that I had forgotten my knitting on my way to meet my husband at the hospital.

He spent 2 days there for observation, because he suffered trauma to his neck and spine.  I didn't get any knitting done on those days either.  

I am happy to report that Hubby is home and he has a way to go in his recovery.

Things that I should be working on:

Purple toe-up socks.

Green pullover sweater.

Cabled afghan.

I recently CO a baby sweater for a new grand-niece due in early May, but I haven't settled on a pattern yet.  Gee....with all the patterns in Ravelry you'd think that I would have found something, but no.

Anyone have the Sweater Wizard?  Please get in touch with me.  Luvsknitting at Gmail dot com.  I've had this software for years, but I have yet to knit a sweater with it.

Well, I have a Dr.'s appt. tomorrow, so I better go and get re-interested in one of my many WIP.