Monday, November 28, 2011

Holidays and Busyness=No Knitting

 Holidays and Busyness=No Knitting

It's been over 2 weeks since I visited my own blog.  I guess that I won't have all that much to post or blog about until after the holidays....and that's just terrible.  This is almost unacceptable.  A girl's got to knit sometimes you know.  (Knitting content at the bottom of the page.)

Our Thanksgiving was very very nice.  I cooked for a household of 14 people.  We have a very modest home, so it was a bit crowded but nice.  Along with all the other household stuff that needs to done, I prepared two 12 lb. turkeys and stuffing and 4 pumpkin pies, (my husband's Grandmother's recipe) and an apple pie.  The trick to having a relaxing Thanksgiving on Turkey Day; I did all the cooking and clean up on the day before, 16 hrs. worth.  On Thanksgiving, my daughter and I prepared the mashed potatoes and the gravy while the turkey and the stuffing was re-heating in the oven.  For once, I wasn't too exhausted to eat or to taste the food.

I didn't bother to go out on Black Friday, but chilled at home and enjoyed leftovers. I had hopes of getting some knitting worked on, but that didn't happen. it is Cyber Monday, and instead of looking at the sales for Christmas gifts, I'm looking at knitting patterns.  Go's in my DNA and I can't help myself.  Thanks Mom!

Here's a couple of patterns that I wish that I had found earlier in the year. 

For Thanksgiving:  Spud & Chloë Tiny Turkey (Free)

For Christmas:  Wee Nativity Set

Hope to get back to my knitting soon.  Enjoy the holidays and enjoy your family.  Everyday is a gift.


glorm said...

Nothing wrong with looking at knitting patterns on cyber Monday, or any day. :)

Doing as much as possible the day before a big meal is the way to go. Glad you enjoyed it.

Joansie said...

So glad you had a Happy Thanksgiving! Looking at patterns any day is the way to go!

Hopscotch Cardi x 3!