Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Very Nice Day!

Well, I had a very different kind of day and a very nice day.  First, the day started with church, which was a very nice service, but there was a business meeting afterwards, so I was able to knit so a little bit on the baby afghan.  Yes, I ripped out down passed the mistake and put all the knitting back.  It's progressing just fine, then, something happened to me with my knitting that has never happened before.

There I was knitting very happily in the fellowship room while waiting for my hubby to get done with the business meeting.  There were a handful of people there, among them a couple of new people that have come to the U.S.A. as refugees  from a tiny place near India.  Lovely and sweet people, a man and a woman with a young child.  They speak very little English.  I looked up from my knitting and I saw that the young lady seemed to be admiring the knitting that was on needles.  I smiled.  She smiled.  I asked if she knew how to knit?  She just smiled.  Then, I held my baby afghan to re-arrange it on my lap.  BAM!  The young lady from another land was right in from of me, touching and caressing the blanket and the yarn.  Her face glowed, her smile widened.  I smiled back and I asked again if she knew how to knit?  She didn't say a word, but with very experienced hands, she gently lifted my knitting needles out of my hands and she commenced to knit.  She stood there mesmerized as she worked the needles.  She didn't pay attention to the pattern with all with all of it's yarn overs and it's knit 2 togethers, but she just knit and knit and knit.  Time stopped and she was so pleased and self absorbed in the she had become reacquainted with a dear old lost friend.  She completed the row....all garter stitch.  She smiled again and she nodded as she handed me back my knitting.  The universal language of knitting.  Then, she went with family and left.  (I tinked the knitting back after she was gone and did the YO's and the K2 tog.  Good as new.)

After church, we met up with some very close friends for lunch/dinner.  Then, we went shopping.  First, to the Family Christian Bookstore, and then to the Half Price Books store.  Guess what?  I found a knitting book!  Surprise!  Well, actually, I should say, a little box of knitting patterns as in The Little Box of Knitted Throws (Martingale & Company).  I already have The Little Box of Socks, by Beth Parrott, Charlene Schurch (Martingale & Company), which I like very much.

I didn't realize that there was a The Little Box of Knitted Throws and I wasn't expecting to find anything today, but the price was right.  Retail price $20, store price, $6.  I'm so pleased with the variety of patterns and I'm looking forward to knitting a couple of them.  There are 20 patterns on easy-to-read laminated cards and I think that I like more than half of them.  A win-win for me.

After shopping, we went and enjoyed some delicious frozen custard.  There was a Barnes and Noble near by, so we stopped in to get an update for the Angry Birds game on my Nook.  The Mighty Eagle is a free download for the game, however, the download is only available in the B&N stores.  OK...that's fine and good, but the Mighty Eagle doesn't come home with you on your Nook.  Nope, you can only use the Mighty Eagle if you play Angry Birds at a B&N or a "Magic Spot".  I'm not too sure what or where the "Magic Spot" is, but I guess it doesn't matter.  I thought that was kind of a bummer, but that's life.

All and all, it was a very nice day and a different day at that.


Joansie said...

Surely does sound like a great day especially with the pattern find.

I have a similar story with someone from Vietnam who was admiring my shawl after knocking on my car window while I was parked at a fast food place. I offered to give her the pattern but she told me she could not read English. I attempted to translate the pattern on the computer once I got home so I could give it to her but was not successful.

Bet you made a new friend with the lady. Bring spare needles and yarn next time and invite her to join you. Common.....I know you have lots of

Deb said...

Well, you know, I do have a lot of yarn that needs a good home. You know the extra skeins that you buy just to be sure that you have enough in the same color lot, but ended up not needing? And...I do have a lot of needles of my Mum's that I'm not using. They are ones that I don't have a sentimental attachment to.

I think this would be an excellent idea! I have been getting a little stressed out, because I have too much yarn stuff just sitting around not organized or being used. What a great way to make a new friend...with the language of knitting.

Anna said...

I'm exhausted beyond belief today so I'm not going to update my blog until later, but since you're wondering... I am 9 weeks pregnant with ONE little bean according to the ultrasound. I must be extremely bloated because my stomach looks far too big to only have 1 tiny baby in it! But I'm relieved to finally know. I'm glad it's not 2 and I'm fine with only being 9 weeks pregnant. It gives me more time to crochet/knit things for the baby! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Sandy said...

I'm glad you were able to get back on track, frogging what she'd done. How strange to pull something out of ones hands and knit like that; but I agree and was going to also suggest that you bring yarn and needles for her next time so she can knit and doesn't ruin your pattern etc. Sounds like it's something she loves to do, hasn't done in awhile, and perhaps doesn't have money to purchase supplies for. As you knit, perhaps you can point to one item and say the English word, that would help her assimilate.

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