Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Wish I Could Crochet

This makes me wish that I could crochet.


Joansie said...

Oh, I understand. Every so often I see something I Ravelry that I really like but it is crochet.

This pattern is beautiful! Did you mom crochet?

Anna said...

That's pretty! You should learn to crochet, have you tried it before? There are great books out there with detailed pictures, and videos online that can show you how it works. It's a lot easier than knitting in my opinion. However I understand it's hard to learn something new when you're so used to something else already (knitting, in your case) because I knew how to crochet before I learned to knit and my hands just didn't know what to do when I picked up the knitting needles. They were so flustered, I almost quit my first day of learning. I taught myself to knit from a book. But the first time I successfully knitted a row I was pretty proud!

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