Friday, July 15, 2011

Christmas Knitting?

Has anyone started their Christmas knitting yet?  Seriously folks, my e-mail has been flooded with all sorts of ads for Christmas knitting patterns, catalogs for Christmas cards, Christmas wrap, and other holiday recipes and such.

OK....I know...there are only 162 days until Christmas, but can't we just enjoy summer?  Lightening bugs, ice tea, lemonade, cooking on the grill and being able to go outside with a jacket, coat or a sweater.

I guess if one is truly serious about knitting gifts for the holidays, I guess one would need to start now or right after New Year's Day.

I rarely knit specifically for Christmas, unless it's a quick and easy knit like a hat or a dishcloth or something.  There's already too much to do for the holidays, that I had decided to let that particular ship sail a long time ago.  As, it is, I keep trying to cut back more  and more for the holidays and I try to keep things as simple as possible.

Currently, I'm knitting a baby afghan and then I have a baby jacket in mind to do soon, and I hope to knit some dishcloths soon.  I'm trying to enjoy my Summer and my knitting and I hope that you are, too.  


Anna said...

That's funny you're already getting so many Christmas-y e-mails! It's only July! I don't think it's necessary for anyone to start Christmas Knitting so soon unless they plan on making huge projects like sweaters or afghans for multiple people. But then again- who am I to talk? I've already started making things for my baby who won't be born until AFTER Christmas. =)

Sandy said...

Oh my NO. I don't even like to hear the word at this stage. I want to enjoy summer, don't want to think of fall and worse winter.

Joansie said...

When knitting for Christmas, I used to start on June 1st. Last year I decided to hand-knits for Christmas and it was wonderfully liberating.

I vaguely have a few things in mind for family for Christmas but haven't started.

Jennifer said...

You know Chrsitmas will be a year round holiday soon don't you? I have 2 pairs of mittens and a hat to make for christmas gifts but I won't start them till Sept or Oct. Currently I am attempting to make my first pair of socks that has controlled my mind lately. I am also working on two scarfs and and a shawl.

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