Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Baby Sweater Idea!

I gave up on the Baby Eyelet Cardi, because I got into a fight with one of the yarn-overs and a dropped stitch and....I lost.  Since then, I've been in search of another easy seamless baby sweater.

I've made the  ~ 5 hour Baby Sweater Pattern ~ several times, so I was looking for something different to knit, however, I keep getting drawn back to the Feather and Fan Baby Sweater that I made last April.  The pattern can be found here (free membership) at Lion Brand's site.

But gee....there's so many patterns and so little time that I hate to repeat patterns unless I have to or unless I'm really in love with the pattern.  I do love this pattern, because there's no sewing seams, no picking up stitches for the sleeves.  The only pick up sts are for the button band and a little at the neckline.

Think...think...think....then a brain storm!  I have no idea if this will work or not, but I'm pretty excited to try it.  The first half of the Feather And Fan sweater is plain stockinette, then once all the increases are complete the feather and fan pattern starts.  I'm thinking about starting the sweater per usual and then using a different pattern stitch.  Same basic idea just a different look.

Wish me luck.

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