Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I've Started the 2nd Sleeve

I've started the 2nd sleeve of my green Tea Leaves Cardigan last night.  You know the saying "practice makes perfect"?  Well, it must be true when it comes to picking up sts. for sleeves, too.

When I picked up the stitches for the first sleeve, I wasn't at all happy with the looks of it.

I later fixed this by sewing it closed.

This time while placing the sts that were on a stitch holder and picking up sts., I tried something different.  I used a crochet hook to pick up the sts.  I also picked up 16 sts instead of 12 sts like the pattern said to do.  I used a smaller needle (size 5) to transfer the sts from the crochet hook to the required size 7 needle.  Then, I used a technique that I have learned for picking up sts. when knitting socks.  When knitting the "pick up sts." onto the size 7 needles, I knit those sts. through the back loop.

Wow! The picked up sts are almost undetectable.  I wished that I had thought to do all of this for the first sleeve.  I should have followed my experience and my instincts when working with the first sleeve.  

Live and Learn and Knit!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tea Leaves Cardi-1st Sleeve is Done

Last night was Dancing With The Stars night, which means that it's  a great night for knitting, unless Giles Marini is on DWTS.  Then, all knitting must cease, so that my eyes are never pulled away from the TV.  

But alas, Giles Marini is not on DWTS, so the first sleeve is finally done on the Tea Leaves Cardigan.  Ravelry link here.

My gauge is spot on and I've been following the pattern for a size 40 sweater, which should give me a 2" ease, or so you would think....

Sorry for such a lousy in-the-mirror shot, but this is the best that I could do under the circumstances.  I'm still wondering if it's going to fit alright even after the button bands are added on?  Maybe I should have knitted this in a size 42, but then it might be too big.  There isn't much difference in the pattern until the yoke is completed.  For the back for the size 40 sweater, the back has 264 sts.  The size 42 sweater has 288 sts, an increase of 24 sts.
Now of all the sweaters that I've looked at on Ravelry, this woman's on Hello Knitty TL Cardigan is beautiful!  I can only hope that mine turns out as nice.

When I'm not working on the TL Cardi, I'm working on the Lover's Knot Afghan from Lion Brand's Free Knitting Patterns.  The goal is to have this done before July.


Hopscotch Cardi x 3!