Friday, July 09, 2010

The Saga of the White Cardigan & Other Things

My last post, I had mentioned that sometimes one just needs to rip out and start over...anew. I had been working on Cardigan to Love and I just didn't love it. It just kept growing bigger and bigger width wise. And, sometimes, I just need to fish through all my UFO's and see if I can't be inspired to continue on and finished them up.

About 3 or 4 years ago, I decided that I needed a white cardigan sweater, so I tried this pattern.

Little Pyramid Sweater

Well, even if the patterns are marked as **Easy, I found that this wasn't the case. I got the back of the sweater finished without any problems, however, when it came time to work the Right and Left sides of the cardigan...that was a completely different story.

All the pattern says to do is....Cast on X amt. of sts. and work as for the back, beg. pat. as indicated on chart. (I put the X , so not to infringe copyrights. The actual pattern does say the # of stitches to use.) The chart was beyond my understanding at the time and personally, I think that you had to be some kind of knitting engineer to read it and understand it. Years ago, I even consulted with Briley of Brileyknits and he even commented that the chart was a little confusing. So, I put that sweater down, but not forgotten. Several times, I've been tempted to rip the finished back of the sweater and just call it a done deal.

My dear, sweet Mom, the one who taught me to knit so many years ago, said to me, "Don't you dare rip out that sweater. One of these'll come to you." Well, she was right! In between this sweater and oodles of other projects and knitting several pairs of socks. I finally got it!

Back of sweater

Left front

I must say that I owe my understanding of finally being able to figure out the chart for this sweater is due to knitting socks. A lot of sock patterns are written out in charts. I did discover that there is a big difference between reading charts in the round for socks and reading charts written for back and forth knitting.

After I did all the ripping out of the Cardigan to Love I felt the need to console myself by taking a trip to my local Michale's Arts and Crafts. I didn't need anymore yarn to add to my collection. Actually, I couldn't find anything that was begging to come home with me, so I settled on a brand new pair of Susan Bates® Silverado cirular needles. I've never used them before, so it was a treat for me. They are a dream to work with and the cables are soft and very flexible. I can use them for magic loop knitting.

Coming soon...........Christmas in July~ I'm anxiously awaiting for my new order from Knit Picks .

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