Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Quick Knit Birthday Gift

I've been invited to a birthday celebration and I wanted to give them a little something. I needed a quick knit, but I didn't want to give dishcloths. I usually reserve those as bridal shower gifts and I usually make dishcloths as a set to go with other kitchen items.

So, I thought of other quick knit items like hats, scarves, etc., but my friend usually spends her winters in the Sunshine State.

I wanted to give her something, so I decided on a knitted book marker.

Cloverleaf Eyelet Rib Bookmark

I used Aunt Lydia's Cotton Crochet Thread #10 and size 1 Knit Pick Cirs. I added 4 sts on each side of book marker and worked as a garter st. border so that it looked like the right size for a marker.

I moisten lightly with water to bring it into shape, then I sprayed it with it some starch and ironed gently. I like it, so I hope my friend does, too.