Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sock Experiment Success!

About a year ago, I started a pair of Tidal Wave socks. I had already made a pair of Tidal Wave socks and then I had gifted them, so I wanted a pair for myself. I knitted 1 sock.....then it got set aside for other projects.

After I had finished the Toe-Up Serpentine Socks, I was looking for something else to knit while awaiting for my birthday yarn to come in the mail from Knit Picks. Hmm...there was the lonely Tidal Wave sock waiting for it's mate. I wondered, and I wondered some more and I thought and I thought and I thunk some more. What if I did the second sock toe-up??? Would it work? Would it look the same? Would it fit the same? Would the pattern/design be the same?

Yes! It worked!

The original cuff down sock was done on size 1 Cirs with a CO of 64 sts. It has a traditional heel flap, with an eye of partridge stitch and a grafted toe.

The second sock was done toe-up on size 0 Cirs. I don't why, but when I knit socks toe-up I usually have to use a smaller needle or use less CO sts. This was also my first attempt at doing a slip stitch (eye of partridge) heel on a toe-up. So, this involved wrapping and turning stitches. I still need lots of practice with wrapping & turning method for the heels.

I didn't alter the pattern from the way it was written for the cuff down sock. I had contemplated turning the chart upside down for the top up Tidal Wave pattern, but I quickly nixed that idea, because it seemed like too much work.

I thrilled to say that I think that it worked out just fine! And, they fit great, too!

I couldn't help myself......I already CO for another pair of toe up socks with my new yarn.

Hopscotch Cardi x 3!