Friday, March 26, 2010

My First Pair of Toe-Up Socks Are Done!

I finally finished my first pair of toe up socks! I've attempted to knit toe-up socks about 50 different times in the 3 yrs. that I've been knitting socks. The problem that I was having was that I stink at trying to do a provisional cast on.

I also tried about a dozen other methods of casting on, none of which was to my liking. Until Hubby gifted me with the Sensational Knitted Socks book by Charlene Schurch. This book as a super easy method of creating a nice round toe for toe-up socks.

Here's the Van Dyke socks from Socks from the Toe Up: Essential Techniques and Patterns from Wendy Knits:

Some things that I've discovered about knitting toe-up vs. cuff down.

I used size 2 Addi Turbo (2-Cirs), and I usually CO 60 or 64 sts when I knit from the cuff down.

When I used the recommended size 2 needles for these toe-up, I only needed 56 stitches and I used Berrocco Comfort sock yarn.

If you visit Wendy Knits and look at her free patterns you'll see that she favors a size 0 (zero) needle with a CO range of 66 to 72 sts. I love her patterns and I have size 0 needles, so I'll attempt one of her other patterns soon!

I love doing the heels on these socks. It was done by working a certain number of increases every other row, then doing a heel turn. The Van Dyke sock didn't involve picking up stitches for the gusset or "wrapping & turning stitches". I love the way the heel feels, too.

The only glitch that I had was when I was done with the heel turn and had to resume knitting in the round on the leg. I had a gap that I had to finagle a bit by picking a stitch within the gap and knitting it through the back. I also did a picot-edge for the bind-off, so that it was stretchy.

It took me a long time, but I finally got it.....toe-up socks! Yes, I've already CO for another sock, toe-up, of course!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Second Sock Do-Over

I was more than half way done with the second Van Dyke sock and I discovered a boo-boo. The trouble with lace knitting is that a little boo-boo has a way of growing into a big mess up. So, I ripped out the whole thing and started over.

So glad that the Dancing With The Stars is starting tonight. The knitting should go a lot faster.

Back with updates later......

Hopscotch Cardi x 3!