Friday, February 26, 2010

The Basket Weave Socks Are Finished

We started getting more snow last evening and even more snow today.
Snow days = Knitting Days to me. So, I planned out my day, so I could knit. I did a few things around the house this morning, then put together a tossed salad to go with tonight's lasagna dinner. The rest of the afternoon was mine to knit to my heart's content.

I finished the Basket Weave socks from Knit Socks Whatever the Yarn. I started the first sock in the evening of Feb. 16th & I finished it on the evening of the 19th....a record for me. I CO the second sock on the 20th and I just finished it before dinner tonight on the 26th. I think that this is the quickest pr. of socks that I have ever completed. It really helped that the pattern was super easy and very easy to memorize, too.

I knitted them with yarn that I had in my stash for quite a while. I used Navy & leftover variegated sock yarn. I think both were Regia Sock yarn, but I can't remember where I ordered it from, it's been too many years. It does feel good to finally use yarns from my stash.

I think that these are the heaviest and the warmest socks that I've made and owned. My only complaint is that they are dog hair magnets.

Now...I have to decide what to knit next. We're still snowed in. I got 2 catalogs in the mail today. One from Knit Picks and the other from Webs, sounds like a start of a good evening.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Basket Weave Socks Are Almost Done

The Basket Weave Socks are almost completed. I've really enjoyed knitting these socks and only a couple of times did I think that they were going to suffer the SSS (second-sock-syndrome), but it lasted only briefly. I should be able to finish the rest of the sock today, so I'm already contemplating my next project. Maybe another adult hat? Maybe a baby sweater...there's a couple of pattern calling for my needles.. or another sock!

You see, I don't really mind being snowed in...providing that I have all the comforts of a nice warm home and TV/movies and a stash of yarn and an endless supply of patterns.

Big Triple Waves Afghan