Saturday, February 20, 2010

Weird-Interesting Socks

The snow is starting to melt a little today. Meanwhile, I kept myself content with knitting and watching TV and movies while being snowed in.

After the last fiasco of trying to knit a sock with a worsted weight Wool Ease yarn on size 5 DPN, I ripped the whole thing out. Now what? I still wanted to knit socks. A few weeks ago while re-organizing my knitting, I came across a book that I had gotten a long time ago.

It's called, Knit Socks: Whatever the Yarn! by Edie Eckman. I had gotten this book about 4 or 5 years ago when I decided that I wanted to try something new like socks! I had also ordered some yarn, but I lost the labels, so I really don't know the name. It might be Regia.

Well, I anxiously awaited for my book and my yarn to arrive in the mail. It finally came, but I was so disappointed. All the patterns in the book were written for DPN, which at the time I didn't have or like using, so the book was set aside and forgotten. I eventually did learn to knit socks, but I learned to do so on 2-Cirs rather DPN.

The other day, I re-discovered the "Basket Weave" sock, pg. 9, and I decided, "I can do this." But, I used my ol' faithful size 2 Addi-Turbo Cirs.

Knit Socks: Whatever the Yarn! has 5 different patterns that can either be done with Super Fine yarn (size 2 needles), Sport wt. yarn (size 4) or Worsted wt. yarn (size 6 needles)

I used Navy Blue and some sort of variegated yarn that I had left over from another pr. of socks.

This was a quick and easy knit. The pattern is very similar to the popular Ballband Dishcloth. I started this sock in the evening of the 16th and I finished last night on the 19th.

I modified the original pattern just a bit to suit me. The original pattern called for the heel as well as the foot (instep) to be knitted in stockinette. I decided to work the heel in Eye of Partridge Heel and I did K2, P1 ribbing on the top of the foot, because I like the way that it looks and feels.

Even though I've been knitting socks for awhile, this is the first one that I've ever done with contrasting colors on part of the leg, heel and the toe. Lots of fun! These colors are kinda wild, but I wanted to use what I had in my stash.

So, while the snow and icicles are starting to melt....

I'll go cast-on for the other sock. I hope that I have enough of the contrasting yarn to complete it.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm Snowed In, So I Knit

I've been snowed in for about 2 weeks now. It really hasn't bothered me all that much, because I have never been much of a winter weather type of person. I didn't even like it as a kid. Building a snowman or sledding was never my thing. Give me summer anytime.

One of my friends asked if I had cabin fever yet? I told her," No, that as long as I have my knitting and TV, I'm a happy camper." Probably my biggest concern was keeping food in the house as well as T.P. We're also on day 12 of going without ordering pizza for delivery. This is becoming a fun challenge to see how many meals I can re-invent during this winter blast.

So, I've been knitting a little more than usual, but I don't have much to show for it. I started working on a sock, but I didn't like the yarn, so that was frogged. I knitted a headband, because my hair is getting too long, but I can't get to the hair stylist, but the headband didn't turn out the way I liked, so that too, was frogged. I was working on a baby sweater, but I became bored with that, so I put that aside.

I has started a heavy-weight boot sock, made with Lion Brand's Wool-Ease yarn. It looks and feels very nice, but I'm afraid that it's going to be too thick for my comfort, so this will probably get frogged and turned into a hat & scarf set.