Wednesday, January 20, 2010

One of My Favorite Dishcloths

I finished the Black and Yellow baby blanket recently and I've been working on a hat, but I haven't been too successful. One hat was too large and the other was too small.

So, I decided to knit my old faithful in-between- projects...a dishcloth or 2. This is one of my all time favorites: Eloomanator’s Diagonal Knit Dishcloth It's a variation of Grandmother's Favorite Dishcloth .

This was knitted as written, the middle consist of YO's & SKPs.

The lilac dishcloth, I switched it up a bit, the middle section was done with YO's & SSK's. I really like doing SSK's.

And, here they are ready to be gifted.

Now...back to the drawing board with the hat or maybe I'll start a sock.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Baby Shower Day & Gifts

Today was the day of the baby shower that I had made the "Terrible Baby Blanket" for. I do believe that the Mother-to-Be was very pleased with it.

C. also got a black and gold onesie that had hockey sticks on the front of it.

I also whipped up a couple of last minute items for my youngest DD to give to her. A pair of booties and baby cap. I used some Baby Print Bernat yarn that I had in my stash. I've made the cap before as per the pattern instructions. But, this time, I knitted this cap from the crown down on 2-Cirs. (Note to self: Order a long cable from Knit Picks for the magic loop method.) I really liked how quick and easy it was to do it this way that I CO another hat today.

Now, we just have to wait for the arrival of the blessed event.

My Fair Isle Hat (Selbu Modern)