Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I've Started the 2nd Sleeve

I've started the 2nd sleeve of my green Tea Leaves Cardigan last night.  You know the saying "practice makes perfect"?  Well, it must be true when it comes to picking up sts. for sleeves, too.

When I picked up the stitches for the first sleeve, I wasn't at all happy with the looks of it.

I later fixed this by sewing it closed.

This time while placing the sts that were on a stitch holder and picking up sts., I tried something different.  I used a crochet hook to pick up the sts.  I also picked up 16 sts instead of 12 sts like the pattern said to do.  I used a smaller needle (size 5) to transfer the sts from the crochet hook to the required size 7 needle.  Then, I used a technique that I have learned for picking up sts. when knitting socks.  When knitting the "pick up sts." onto the size 7 needles, I knit those sts. through the back loop.

Wow! The picked up sts are almost undetectable.  I wished that I had thought to do all of this for the first sleeve.  I should have followed my experience and my instincts when working with the first sleeve.  

Live and Learn and Knit!


Joansie said...

The picked up stitches look great! Wow! You must almost done with the sweater! Exciting!

Tea said...

Hi there! Your cardigan is beautiful! You did a much better job picking up stitches than I have on mine.
The reason we're going offline for a while is our house is for sale and we need the time for other things right now, and cutting out cable internet will save nearly $100! :)

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