Thursday, September 09, 2010

Finished: Book & His & Her Hats

I finished 2 things this week,  First, I finished reading the novel: How To Knit A Love Song by Rachael Herron.

It is a very good book with a touch of romance and a touch of mystery and drama with a touch of knitting and a rugged tough cowboy thrown in for good measure.  You don't have to know a thing about knitting or crocheting to enjoy this book.

I loved the story-line and I loved the characters.  I loved how Abigail was both strong and independent and vulnerable at the same time. I loved/hated how cowboy Cade was always looking for another notch to put on his belt  (ahem) and how Abigail knocked him off the heels of his boots a few times.  I'm looking forward to reading more books by Rachael Herron,  (No pressure Rachael.)  Her blog Yarnagogo can be found here.

Rachael Herron actually took the time to leave a comment on my blog and to offer condolences regarding the loss of my mom.  Wow!

I also finished The Vermont Hat, (free pattern on Ravelry) that had been recommended by Joansie at Knitting By The Ocean.  Joansie has a lot of beautiful knitting and photography on her blog, go have a look.

Actually, I finished 2 Vermont Hats.  

I used Lion Brand Wool Ease Yarn in  Indigo & Fisherman White as per the pattern and size 7 & 9 knitting needles; Boye Interchangeable set.  I don't usually use the specified yarn in a pattern, but I already had the Indigo in my stash, so I went and got some Fisherman white, too.  The Vermont Hat is a fun and easy knit.  As suggested by the designer, I knit the hat in "His & Her's" colors.  I still have yarn left over after finishing them.

Now, I need to get back to my Tea Leaves Cardigan.

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Joansie said...

I love the looke of your've changed it. The hats look terrific. I'll be posting final pictures of mine this week. I've knitted three of them in five days. It's a fun knit.

Thanks for sending folks to my blog.

Hopscotch Cardi x 3!