Monday, July 19, 2010

He Made Third Place!

Back in April, my DS participated in the regional competition in Hershey, PA, for computer networking and he did so well that he had the opportunity to go to Nashville, TN to participate in the Future Business Leaders of America National (FBLA) competition for computer networking. He made Third Place! The whole family is so proud of him!

As he was getting ready to leave for Tennessee, he said, "Hey, Mom, we're going to the Grand Ole Opry and we're going to Elvis Presley's mansion." To which I laughed and said, "It's called Graceland, honey." He responded with a "whatever. "
When I got up this morning, these were waiting on the table for me! I have the sweetest son in the world!

Pink box with Elivs Presley note cards with matching pink envelopes inside.

Elvis coffee mug (view 1)

Elvis coffee mug (view 2)

I'm torn about whether I should actually use the coffee mug or not, or should I keep in my china-closet? I hate it when I give someone a gift and it's never used. I just don't want the mug to get broken.

Here's a glance of the 4 different pictures on the note cards.

Now, these, I'll probably use on certain occasions & reserve 1 of each to keep.

Now, this photo is supposed to have an interesting story about, at least it is to me. I had watched a program recently where Elvis' ex, Priscilla, related that back in the 60's that Elvis had watched a James Bond movie where James Bond had a car phone, this was back in the day before cell phones. Anyway, he was so impressed with the idea of a car phone that he had to have one, and so he did. It wasn't exactly portable, the phone part was as big as a large suitcase, but he supposedly took great delight in having a phone in his car.

On the knitting front: I'm waiting for my order of yarn to come in for a new sweater project. In the meanwhile, I borrowed How to Knit a Sweater From the Neck Down DVD by Nenah Galati from my local library.

This DVD is a delight to watch. Galati is so down-to-earth and her pleasure in knitting shines through as well as her sense of humor. This is excellent resource for a beginner knitter. There wasn't anything on the DVD that I didn't already know about. I borrowed this DVD, because I was hoping to figure about how to design any pattern into a from the neck down cardigan, however, in the DVD, Galati shows how to knit a pullover sweater from the neck down and not a cardigan.

Hopefully my new yarn will be here soon, so that I can show you my new project.


Grandma Elsie said...

Hello Deb,
long time huh...
I am doing good. Staying busy. so much to do and only a slow old women to work at it... LOL
I have been trying to get a baby blanket done since may and it is almost finished .. No knitting time these days .. I;m getting too slow , don't get a lot done but just so I can stay busy and active ... take care , Elsie

glorm said...

What great gifts from your son

Joansie said...

Congrats to your son! Two schools of thought on the mug.....china closet where it is safe and can be admired or mug for coffee in the morning and what a way to wake

glorm said...

Sorry, I forgot to say congratulations to your son.

Rhonda Henrich said...

HI Deb!

Glad that R. is doing so well. Impressive! And he's sweet to get the mug. I suggest you use it. Your coffee, tea, milk or lemonade will taste SO good. If it breaks, send R. to for another!

I'm hoping to figure out intarsia. I want to do a blue hummingbird on a white background washcloth for my MIL.

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