Monday, January 11, 2010

The Black & Yellow (Gold) Baby Blanket is Finished!

I finished the Black and Yellow (Gold) Baby Blanket (aka The Terrible Baby Blanket) for my my nephew and his wife that are expecting their 1st baby in the Spring. I'm happy to say that I managed to finish it 1 week before the baby shower. The baby blanket was knitted with these colors as per request of the expecting parents.

I started working on the baby blanket in late Sept., shortly after hearing about the great news of a new baby in the family.

I got off to a great start at first, then I got side-tracked by life and socks! Then, the holidays came and went, so I got really behind schedule with this thing. I finally was able to take a much needed break this weekend and watch a couple of DVDs that we got for Christmas. This pattern is a classic ripple pattern from the book: Our Best Knit Baby Afghans (Leisure Arts #3219) (Paperback) pg. 54. This pattern is easy. I used "Sunshine" and black in Caron's Simply Soft on size 9 Cirs. There's one row of pattern, then a purl row, repeat 3 more times, then 5 rows of all knit.

We watched Disney's UP, which I thoroughly enjoyed. It's not just a kid's movie. Actor Ed Asner is excellent as the lovable curmudgeon. (I love using that word.) We also watched the Star Trek Movie, which I also enjoyed much, but I need to watch again, because I missed so many details. However, I didn't not like how the character of Spock had been emotionalized and his romantic involvement with another crew member. (Totally illogical.) Sorry, I couldn't resist.

All this movie watching allowed for me to finish the "Terrible" Baby Blanket.

Here's a close up:

I'm so glad that this project is finished and off of my needles, but I'm sort of sad to see it come to an end. Oh, well, I'll get over it fast....I'll probably CO for a pair of socks tonight! Or maybe a hat? Or maybe a pair mittens? I can't wait.


glorm said...

Oh, how pretty. I like that stitch.

Joansie said...

I love the blanket and the fact that you used the contrasting color on the edges only. Lucky baby! Now we'll have to see a pic of that baby wrapped in this blanket when it decides to enter the world!

Sandy said...

Love the pattern, must check that out. What unusual colors for a baby blanket. Are they big football fans...makes me think of Pittsburg Steelers?


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