Sunday, December 20, 2009

Decorating the Tree and Making Chocolate Coverd Pretzels

Am I going through knitting withdrawal....oh, yes, I am! Seriously, I don't think that I've knitted 1 stitch since Thanksgiving or the day after. I've just been so busy around the house and with my family and friends, which I'm so thankful for. When I finally do sit down to relax, well, I've been too tired to knit. I zonk right out.

Tonight was a wonderful night with my family. We decorated the Christmas tree and enjoyed homemade chocolate-covered pretzels. My friend, Sandy, recently blogged about Christmas and memories. Well, our Christmas tree isn't organized or color coordinated like the ones that you see in store windows or on TV shows, but rather it's a hodge-podge of Christmases past and present. We have ornaments that I used to put on the tree with my parents when I was a kid. There are decorations from my hubby & I celebrated our first Christmas together as a newlywed couple 29 yrs. ago. There's decorations that the kids and made together in Sunday School many years ago. My favorite.....we took little raisin boxes and wrapped them in Christmas paper with bright ribbon. The tag says, " To: You From: Jesus" the other side of the tags says," For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, so that whoever so believes in Him shall have eternal life." I have 3 of these for each of my children. Then....there's the Sponge Bob Square Pants wearing a Santa hat, which I loathe, but it has become a tradition to have it on the tree to torment me with.

Last year, youngest DD and I experimented with making chocolate-covered pretzels, well, youngest DD requested that we do it again. So, we had chocolate covered pretzels as a treat as we decorated the tree tonight.

DS request some white chocolate covered pretzels...the green ones are vanilla flavored. DD got creative and decided to drizzle the pretzels with the opposite colors. I think that we have a new tradition. It was a very good night.