Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cauchy Socks Off The Needles

A couple of months ago, I started these Cauchy Socks from Cook A's book, Sock Innovation

I knitted them with Crystal Palace Yarn, Panda Superwash, Color: Tweedy Spice 2011. I love the feel and the wear of this yarn! I fell in love with color. I think that it's just perfect for the Fall and to wear with jeans.

I did something a little different for me. I stepped out of my usual routine of knitting socks on 2-Cirs and I knitted these on DPN's. I don't know, but this particular pattern seemed to work very easily on DPNs. There was a CO of 60 sts, 20 sts on 3 needles and the pattern was a 10-stitch pattern repeat. This pattern just sort of fell into place. I started out on size 2 Bamboo needles and I didn't like how the yarn stuck to the needles and I didn't like how my bamboo needles had become warped. So, I switched to a set of aluminum DPNs that I borrowed from my Mom. What a difference! Those stitches flew off of the needles. Who knew that I would actually enjoy knitting socks this way? These socks fit just right. Maybe it's the yarn or maybe it's the pattern or maybe it was knitting the socks on DPNs, but I love how these socks turned out.

I decided to knit the Cauchy socks from Cookie A's Sock Innovation book, because it seemed the less complicated of all the other socks that I found in the book. Yes, it was a fun and easy knit. Maybe one of these days, I will get brave enough to try one of her other patterns. In my opinion, most of the patterns in the book are not for beginner sock knitters. I don't think that I'm a beginner anymore, however, I did feel a little too challenged about the other beautiful designs.

Now that these are off of the needles, there are other socks that I'd like to start, but I really need to get back to the Gold & Black baby blanket. If only those sock patterns would stop calling me.

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