Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Black & Gold Blanket for Baby

Yes, you read that right. A Black & Gold blanket for baby. I live in Steeler country. We recently found out that my nephew and his wife are expecting their 1st baby in the Spring. I had asked if they had a color preference for a baby blanket, or would they like to keep things a surprise and for me to use white, pastel yellow & mint green. I wasn't expecting the response that I got. They do not know the baby's gender yet, but they would like a black & gold baby blanket.

So my socks went back on the back burner.... again and I went in search of black and gold yarns. Black, I could find, gold wasn't so easy. I could find all sorts of yellow and I even found a "mustard" color, but that didn't cut it. (ha ha...I couldn't help myself) I found an "old gold" which was really dull and unappealing. I finally found a color called, "Sunshine" in Caron's Simply Soft which is just perfect for a baby!

I'm using a classic ripple pattern from Our Best Knit Baby Afghans by Leisure Arts, pg. 54.

Since I'm only using 2 colors, I decided to do the striping on the ends of the blanket and work the middle of the blanket in sunshine yellow. This pattern is so easy to memorize, which makes it the perfect project to do while watching Dancing With The Stars.

While I was out shopping for the yarn for this project, I picked up this Afghan Sampler book by Leisure Arts.

There's a lot of nice patterns in here, which I can't wait to try.

I really like the Caron Simply Soft yarn, but I hate when this happens....

Yep, the entire center came out of the middle of the skein. Sigh....now, I have to spend a lot of knitting time untangling this mess just so I can knit tonight.

Big Triple Waves Afghan