Friday, September 04, 2009

Pearls Dishcloth

In my last post, I had mentioned that when I had visited my Mom, I took her some free dishcloth patterns that I had printed out for her. One of her favorite patterns is the basket weave pattern, so I thought that she would enjoy this Pearls dishcloth by Danielle Côté . (This link must be opened with IE browser.) I even took the finished dishcloth to show her how much it resembles the basket weave pattern, but with little eyelets that Danielle Côté's refers to as Pearls.

Well, my Mom had liked the dishcloth so much that she decided that she wanted to keep it. So, I ended up making another and here it is.........

I feel just like the kid that went to school and told the teacher that the dog ate my homework, but my Mom really did keep my first Pearls dishcloth.

I used Sugar and Cream cotton yarn. I'm not sure of the color, it's some sort of baby pastels. I don't know what possessed me to buy this color except, that it was sold as a cone of yarn at 75% off, so I'm making a lot of dishcloths with it.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

My Mom Kept My Dishcloth

I thought that I was finally going to have some knitting to post about. I had finished working on a lovely dishcloth and I was going to take a picture for this blog, but I decided to wait until the morning, so that I would have better lighting. Well, one thing led to another and I had an opportunity to go visit my mom. I didn't go empty-handed either. I printed off 3 free dishcloth patterns for her and I put the finished one in my purse to show her.

We had a great visit and when I got up to leave, I started to put the dishcloth back in my purse and she gave me this funny look and then she said, "You're not going to take that with you, are you?"

Well, it's only a dishcloth. I can make another tonight and hopefully get back to my socks soon.

Hopscotch Cardi x 3!