Monday, August 03, 2009

My Foot- Post Op?

I had surgery on my foot on June 1st to remove an acutely painful bunion. I had postponed having surgery for several years, because I wasn't sure that I would really need it, however, the pain had become unbearable and it was starting to affect my quality of life and just trying to do everyday activities.

The surgery went well. No complications. I was in an ace-bandage for about a week, then my foot was stabilized in a fiber glass cast for about another 3 wks. From there, I was fitted with an orthopedic walking boot.

This past Thurs., 07-30-09; I had an appt. with my surgeon who had determined that I was good to go...that is, I was allowed to start wearing walking shoes and resume walking again, but he said that I wasn't allowed to walk any more than 20 miles per day.
After coming from the doctor's, I put on my New Balance walking shoes and did some things around the house. I had no pain, but my foot did swell up quite a bit, so I put my feet up & worked on some knitting.

The next day, I took a short walk to the drug store with DH. We were only gone for about 30 mins., but again my foot swelled up big time. Yesterday, which was a Sun., I took things relatively easy. I watched some TV and did some more knitting, but my foot was and is as big as a balloon and the skin is slightly pink and shiny. My incision site is warm to the touch. Hmm...this is not the outcome that I was expecting.

I called my doctor's office this morning and I talked to the PA who said that I was probably trying to do too much and that I should elevate my foot and try to take it easy. The surgeon said that I was good to go and the PA says to take it easy.

I'm trying not to be disheartened, but I was hoping to be doing better than this by now. I guess I'll go and put my feet up and knit and see what happens tomorrow.

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